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Wants more NaruHina NOW!
Loves NaruHina...loves Naruto...i think that's all
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Hello everyone. Thank you so much for reading this long but popular doujinshi of our favorite couple. I couldn't upload recently due to some business, but i'm here at last with more. I know i said before i'll upload every friday, but now you can rest asure that i will because i have finally finished the pages of this doujin. Soon it will be finished, so i hope you can enjoy what's left.
I was very happy i could do this lovely doujinshi, and that you enjoyed it during all this years (OMG, it's been years? I'm so sorry for the delay ^^; ). NaruHina will always be my favorite couple and Hinata the best woman EVER in Naruto. :heart:

I'm TRULY thankful with all of you guys that gave me all your support during this time, and that you had so many patience with me and all my delays...really, thank you so much, i really apreciate it. :love: :love: :heart:

I was surfing in DA and sadly found that all the doujinshis NaruHina i followed were canceled without a clear ending. I know it's an artist's desition, but i think readers deserve respect, as they give us they support, so i was very shocked...

anyway, i will draw this doujin 'till the end, so don't worry, this continues. And when the doujin it's done, i'll continue with more NARUHINA, of course. :)

Everyone who gave me my birthday congratulations, thank you so much, i really apreciate it. :party:

See you next friday with more doujinshi uploads. ^^


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HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! hope you have a great naruhina day :D have a nice birthday
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